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Website Design &Development

THINKUNITED SERVICES Administrations is innovative website architecture and advancement organization that spend significant time in making versatile and change-arranged website architectures for brands from different ventures.

For small, medium, and large businesses, our website developers, graphic designers, and experts in web design collaborate to create clean, responsive websites with striking CTA buttons, minimalistic navigation, and eye-catching design.

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  • + WordPress Website
  • + Wix Website
  • + Front-End Development
  • + Static Website
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What is Web Design and Development?

We are a company that creates and designs websites. We help clients achieve their business objectives by creating stunning, efficient websites. Site creation includes two essential ranges of abilities web development and design.

The fundamental objective of website architecture is to make different graphical components that can be utilized on the web. We make you a custom website that helps your business reach customers and get as many leads as possible. As a full-administration computerized organization, we have a group of expert website specialists who make uncommon and energizing plans for organizations worldwide. We have a lot of knowledge and experience designing websites, so we can make you a custom website that works, gives you more control over the elements, is responsive, looks good on all screen sizes and resolutions, is friendly to search engines, and is entirely secure.

Making sites for facilitating on the web or intranet is, by and large, called web improvement. We offer various services to help your online business succeed, including WordPress, Shopify, and e-commerce CMS development. One of the world’s best web design firms is THINKUNITED SERVICES serving clients on various websites.

Our web developers will assist you in realizing your vision, whether you require a straightforward eCommerce website or a WordPress-based website to get your business online.

How do we Work with Web Design & Development?

We see the process of designing, developing, maintaining, and creating web pages for businesses as essential. A competent design and development team will meet all of these requirements.

The website designing process is structured in the following phases:

  • When creating a website, our designers investigate the competition in the same industry, identify the intended audience and the user-friendliness requirements, and decide which features should be included.
  • To make websites more appealing and accessible, our designers create interactive elements using HTML, Flash, CSS, and JavaScript. We build websites with WordPress, PHP, Laravel, PrestaShop, and numerous other technologies.
  • We determine how visitors can move around the website and which content should be placed where to make sense. The web page can be structured for better indexing and positioning.
  • Our team customizes our web design services for your business, places the essential content elements where they belong, and selects colors based on your industry.
  • We check the website’s usability with our quality control department to ensure that it is user-friendly and that all components are well-balanced for easy navigation.

The phases of the website development process are as follows:

Phase 1

we clearly understand the goals you want to achieve with your website, the primary objectives you want to achieve, and the audience you want to attract. Based on this pre-development data, we develop a comprehensive and well-described plan.

Phase 2

our developer creates a sitemap that doesn’t describe the user interface but shows a website’s inner structure. The next stage of development is the creation of wireframes, which outline the page’s components and locations. We choose the programming language, frameworks, and content management system (CMS) for your technology stack.

Phase 3

site planning happens, including making all the visual substance, like site design, logo, pictures, photographs, and recordings. This loop continues until the client is satisfied.

Phase 4

Calls to action and content to communicate with your website’s visitors are created. Catching headlines, editing, writing new text, assembling existing text, and other tasks are all part of content creation.

Phase 5

Finally, the creation of the website begins in phase 5. Frameworks and CMS should be put into place without a hitch. All of the parts of the website were made and tested.

Phase 6

During phase 6, we test each form and script. We employ code validators to determine whether your code complies with current web standards. After several tests, the website is uploaded to a server, and final testing is conducted to ensure that each file has been installed correctly.

Phase 7

In phase 7, we verify that everything functions properly. We use the feedback system to find and fix problems that end users might have. To reduce security risks and prevent typical CMS update bugs, we ensure that the website is kept up to date.

Phase 8

In phase 8, We have completed the project

Web Design & Development Service for Unique User Experiences!

Not only coding, programming, etc., consider as the proper website. Its design and functionality matter a lot. In addition to it, the audience opens those websites which are fully loaded with beautiful graphics and to-the-point business information. Therefore, better web design distinguishes you from competitors and explains your brand smoothly and excitingly.

In conclusion, web designing with key points helps drive traffic and leads to your web page or business site. It is the online presence of your business and thoughts and provides you good user experience and high conversion rates. Hence, think of Web Designing; go for Think United Services for a cost-effective and client-friendly experience.

Product making for friendly users

Making sites open can assist organizations and associations with contacting a more extensive crowd and improve the client experience for all clients, in addition to those with handicaps. When making a new website, one of our top priorities is ensuring that the website has clear and easy-to-understand navigation, consistent page structure, and both. In addition, we provide that the text has sufficient contrast and is simple to read. We offer the choice to line up with fluctuating degrees of Web Content Openness Rules (WCAG) to guarantee that sites are planned in light of availability.

We provide you with all of the tools you need to keep an eye on traffic from search engines and get the best possible search results in our free SEO guide that comes with all of our web design projects. Additionally, we provide comprehensive ongoing SEO plans to assist your website in rapidly rising to the top of competitive search terms. Please set up a meeting with our SEO manager right away to learn more!

We can provide accurate pricing once we learn more about the project because this depends on the website’s structure and design. Custom-designed, high-end websites are our area of expertise. We make all our designs and code independently, so there are no pre-made templates or clunky designs. We can give you a comprehensive pricing guide once we have an idea of the size and scope of your projects. Let’s talk! Please fill out our quote form.

Yes, You can update and change all content in our custom web designs after development. If it’s needed, we can offer support and assistance. While our web hosting packages include minor modifications and fixes, we provide ongoing support and maintenance packages to assist with major website updates and modifications. We can also provide estimates if you require brand-new bespoke pages or sections.

Our design services starts and ends with a best-in-class experience strategy that builds brands. Through a process of iteration and prototyping design interfaces that bring joy to people

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